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There are strict penalties associated with drinking and driving in the state of Florida.  Anyone who is found guilty of causing a drunk driving accident may face serious penalties, including expensive fines, community service, driver’s license suspension, and even imprisonment. Likewise, those who are affected by a drunken driver’s actions also suffer numerous consequences. Severe injuries and even death can result from a drunk driving accident, but luckily, legal help is available right now.

If you or someone you know was arrested on DUI charges or was involved in a DUI crash, we can connect you with top drunk driving accident attorneys in Florida who will protect your rights. There are hundreds of experienced lawyers to choose from and for your convenience, we provide direct access to their personal profiles, firm information, background, case experience, and more. Choosing legal counsel is quick and simple with our help.


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What Happens When You are Convicted of a Drunk Driving Accident in Florida?

If you are found guilty of causing a DUI accident, you may face extremely expensive fines, may lose your license, may have your vehicle impounded, and worst of all, may be sent to prison for several years. Having a top drunk driving accident lawyer on your case can prevent you from suffering the maximum penalties, especially if there is insufficient evidence to prove you were driving under the influence.

Our featured attorneys will take on your case and investigate every aspect until a favorable outcome is attained. There are times when a motorist is unfairly charged with driving while intoxicated. If this has happened to you, rest easy knowing your drunk driving accident attorney will not rest until you are cleared of all charges.

Fighting for Victims’ Rights

If you were involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, our attorneys can also help you file a case and claim your rightful compensation. If you sustained any injuries or lost a loved one because of an intoxicated driver’s negligence, they will help you recover money damages for your pain and suffering, reimbursement for medical expenses, and even lost wages for time you had to take off from work to recuperate. Your lawyer will stand by your side throughout the entire duration of your case and will always be available to answer your questions and appease your concerns.

Hurry, there is only a limited amount of time to contest a DUI case, so contact one of our drunk driving accident lawyers in Florida so you can get started on proceedings right away.

If you were involved in a DUI/DWI Accident in Florida you need to contact a DUI accident lawyer. You can find a DWI accident law firm by using our Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Locator select Florida then select your county or call 866-335-8999.

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