Florida Highway Patrol Confirm One Killed in DUI Accident

A bicyclist was killed as a result of a suspected drunken driver on Saturday last week. The accident occurred in Winter Park, less than 7 miles from Orlando, where a motor car rammed into a bicyclist and killed him, according to clickorlando.com.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the decedent was not even riding his bike at the time of the collision. In fact, he stood on a raised median with his bicycle beside him waiting to cross the road (Semoran Boulevard).

Big trouble Eric!

The man facing charges has been identified as 33 year old Eric Febres Alicea who stems from Winter Park. Apparently, Alicea was travelling in a northerly direction on Semoran Boulevard when he suddenly lost control of his car. The vehicle drove onto the raised median before hitting and killing the bicyclist. Even Orlando, Florida drunk driving accident lawyers want to know how you lose control of your car? Don’t you see someone standing there?

Arresting officers arrived on scene and performed sobriety checks on Alicea and have testified that Alicea tested positive for impairment. They believe he was either on drugs or alcohol or a combination of both during the accident. Alicea is now in custody in lieu of a bond of $10,000 and is facing charges of DUI manslaughter. It is not immediately clear as to whether or not Alicea has a drunk driving accident attorney to represent him in a court of law. If he is not sure where to look, he can look right here.

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Ex-statewide office lawyer pleads no contest in DUI case

A law attorney that worked at the Orlando’s Office of Statewide prosecution has quit his job and also pleaded with no contest after being charged with DUI. The suspect has been named by authorities as 34 year old Brent Riggle, as reported by orlandosentinel.com.

Riggle was apprehended and arrested back in August after he collided with a Lynx Public Transport Bus in downtown Orlando. Furthermore, when arresting officers arrived on scene and asked Riggle to provide samples for sobriety testing and toxicology reports, he refused to subject to the same. He will need an Orlando, Florida drunk driving accident attorney for sure now.

His penalties include mandatory completion of at least two driving under the influence courses. He is also required to seek medical treatment for possible alcoholism and surrender his drivers permit for a period of 6 months. Riggle has also been ordered to pay financial restitution. According to a spokesperson for the Orlando’s office of Statewide Prosecution, Riggle resigned after the accident just when they were preparing to fire him.

Florida DUI laws – beat your case

Being charged with a DUI is not the end of the world. According to Orlando drunk driving accident attorneys, a conviction is essentially the end of the road as far as one’s professional, social and familial life is concerned. There are a lot of loop holes in the law and ways to disprove DUI allegations which you may use to beat your DUI case. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do so on your own. What you need is an expert in DUI laws and an experienced Florida drunk driving accident lawyer by your side if you want to stand a chance of beating your DUI case.

If charged with a drunk driving charge, make sure you choose a tremendous lawyer to help you prepare for your case, stand by your side, and help to undermine any of the evidence the prosecution has on you. Where do you find Florida legal talent such as this? Right here.

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