Easley Man Nearly Crashes into Police Cruiser and is Later Arrested for DUI


Driving while intoxicated is one infraction of the law but fleeing from police stirs up an entirely different issue. That is what Christopher Smith of Easley, SC is dealing with right now after he fled from police in his vehicle when they began pursuing him. Smith allegedly pulled out in front of a police cruiser, nearly hitting it, and that is when officers became suspicious of the reckless driver. Fox Carolina reported that police attempted to initiate a traffic stop after the close call encounter but the suspect sped off from the scene.

After police began following Smith, he was involved in a collision and then needed to be transported to a local hospital as he suffered from non-life threatening injuries. The driver was then taken to Easley jail. His bond was set at $10,000 and he recently attended his scheduled hearing. Smith was charged with a DUI-second offense, failure to stop for blue lights-second offense, and driving under suspension. As you can imagine, he is facing some pretty serious charges that carry some hefty penalties along with them.


Some of the penalties Smith might be looking at if convicted of DUI, second offense includes:

  • A fine ranging anywhere between $2,100- $5,100.
  • At least five days in jail but no more than one year.

[Source: State Statute §56-5-2930].


Now, one thing you have to remember is that these penalties only apply to the DUI charge which means they will likely increase because Smith was also charged with failing to stop for a police officer and driving under suspension. So essentially, he is probably looking at having to pay more money in fees and fines, spend more time in jail, and may even be required to serve some time on probation. Another factor that will impact the penalties he is faced with is his BAC level. BAC, or blood alcohol concentration level, is the amount of blood that is concentrated with alcohol. So, the alcohol a person consumes, the higher their BAC level is going to be. Currently, it is illegal to have a BAC of .08 or higher, although Smith’s BAC level was not released in the news report.

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If you or a loved one were involved in a drunk driving accident in Easely, SC which has caused you to suffer with pain and mental anguish, consult with a DUI accident attorney today.

While he is going to want to obtain an Easley, SC drunk driving accident lawyer to represent him in court, he is lucky that no other individuals were said to have been involved in the collision he was responsible for causing. But, if Smith did, in fact, cause property damage to a home or another vehicle, he could be faced with a lawsuit where he could potentially be required to pay for the damage done.

Unfortunately, not all drunk driving accidents end like this. Many drivers wind up colliding with other vehicles leaving those occupants struggling to survive. If you or someone you know was recently involved in a DUI accident and you are seeking help from a dedicated drunk driving accident attorney in Easley, SC, contact The Hendricks Law Firm now at 864-859-7160. The lawyers at this firm will work with you and your family to help you obtain a favorable outcome and seek justice for this unfortunate event.

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