DUI Crash Offender Arrested on Fresh DUI Charge

William Stacy Redmon, who was convicted of killing a woman in a DUI charge and spent seven years in prison, has been arrested again for drunk driving. Redmon was convicted of killing a woman in a drunk driving accident in Hardin County.

No Regard for Human Life

Now he has been arrested in Bullitt County for driving under the influence, possession of an open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle, and failing to signal. However, according to reports Redmon’s current offense will be considered a first offense since he has not been arrested for DUI for five years. This ensures that legally his current DUI will be treated as a first offense and he will not be penalized more heavily.dui2 300x191 DUI Crash Offender Arrested on Fresh DUI Charge

Why Redmon was not executed or put away for about 40 years for his first offense boggles the mind of so many. It is amazing that he is allowed to drive again so early in his life.

Drunk driving accidents are treated seriously by law enforcement and the penalty for a second drunk driving arrest or accident can be very high. However, if you have been arrested for drunk driving or causing a drunk driving accident you need to retain the services of a drunk driving accident attorney who can represent you in court. A charge of drunk driving normally leads to a suspension of driving privileges as well unless your lawyer can convince the Department of Motor Vehicles to let you drive.

The Trial

When you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident, the drunk driving lawyers will examine all the evidence against you and object to those that were collected in violation of your rights. Also, during the trial, the prosecution might want to present information that should legally be kept out of court.

In such cases, an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer will be able to raise objections and ensure that your case is tried while your legal rights are protected. If you find that you have been charged with causing a drunk driving accident you need to contact reliable drunk driving accident attorneys as soon as possible.

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