Drunk Driving, Drugged Driving, or Drowsy Driving: Which Is Worse?

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Lockport, NY – Did you know that drugged driving and drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving? These are the reasons why impaired driving in Lockport, New York puts everyone on the road at risk.

According to the National Safety Council, about 40,000 people died in car crashes in 2016. This marks a six percent increase from 2015 and a 14 percent increase from 2014. Of those fatalities, drunk, drowsy, and drugged drivers accounted for a large number of motorists who lost their lives.

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To put it into perspective, between 2014 and 2016 alone there was the highest jump in fatalities in over 53 years. This means that more and more motorists are being affected by the rising rates of impaired driving; if you or a loved one find yourself included in this statistic, a drunk driving lawyer in New York will help you recover compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost income.

Some types of impaired driving include:

Drunk Driving 

About 10 percent of people in the United States drive drunk at least one time throughout the year according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Specifically, 27 people die in drunk driving accidents everyday nationwide. Regardless of whether or not you arrange a sober driver to bring you home after driving alcohol, you can’t account for the decisions of others. When on the road, prevent drunk driving accidents in Lockport by avoiding drivers who:

  • Accelerate or brake in inconsistent patterns
  • Almost hit curbs
  • Drive without turning their headlights on at night
  • Don’t drive appropriately for the conditions (i.e. too slow or too fast)
  • Fail to use a turn signal
  • Stop way after or well before a stop line
  • Swerve
  • Tailgate

Drugged Driving 

While alcohol impairs your judgment and causes drunk driving accidents in Lockport, drugged driving can also seriously impair your driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found drugs other than alcohol in the bloodstream of a whopping 18 percent of motorists who passed away in fatal car accidents in 2009. This includes non-prescription medications that can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and poor coordination; it is important to keep in mind that most of side effects of these medications are only intensified when mixed with alcohol.

Drowsy Driving 

According to a poll done by the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of Americans have admitted to driving while feeling sleepy, while 37 percent have copped to falling asleep at the wheel within the past year. In fact, about 100,000 car accidents are a result of sleepy impaired driving. The most important takeaway regarding drowsy driving is that you do not have to fall asleep at the wheel in order to put yourself and everyone in your vehicle at risk; staying awake for over 20 hours is equivalent to the level of impairment someone has with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent.

Drunk Driving Lawyer in New York 

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