Drunk Driving Car Accidents: An Ongoing Problem in Albuquerque, NM

dd1 300x200 Drunk Driving Car Accidents: An Ongoing Problem in Albuquerque, NM

Each day, motorists in Albuquerque head on their regular route to work, school, and other activities, never knowing that their chances of getting into a car accident are extremely high. Locals, lawmakers, and personal injury law firms like the Law Office of Brian K Branch  have tried to promote driving safety awareness for years, but despite everyone’s best efforts, roadways continue to be plagued by tragedy.

According to a report on Wallethub.com titled 2014’s Safest States to Live In, New Mexico has the worst drivers in the entire country and ranks last in the nation as far as driving safety is concerned. The report analyzed several factors to determine its rankings for driving safety, the three most important of which include: deadly crashes, DWI violations, and pedestrian fatalities. DWI was particularly important in placing New Mexico last on the list, given the high number of drunk driving car accidents in Albuquerque and the entire state as a whole.   

A History of Drunk Driving Car Accidents
It’s a well-known fact that alcohol and driving don’t mesh well. Though the threshold for intoxication varies from one person to another, consuming just one alcoholic beverage can decrease an individual’s reaction time, motor skills, alertness, and awareness of their surroundings. Add getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle to this list and the result is a recipe for disaster.

Alcohol has persistently been a top factor in car accidents involving multiple vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians in Albuquerque throughout the years, and an issue that expands across the state. Statistics from the New Mexico Department of Transportation indicate that between 2008 and 2012, over 2,000 alcohol-related crashes occurred, several of which were fatal.

Drunk drivers threaten the lives of motorists and pedestrians in Albuquerque on a continual basis. An intoxicated operator is much more likely to speed, weave between lanes, change lanes without looking for oncoming traffic or pedestrians, and run red lights. Individuals who are responsible for drunk driving car accidents are also likely to flee the scene of the crash.

Unfortunately, the failure of a drunk driver to understand the consequences of their negligent actions, combined with the added factor of not being 100 percent in control of their behavior, speed, or roadway safety can lead to serious injuries – much worse than can be expected with a regular car accident.

When a motorist is sober, they can react to an impending accident at a much faster rate by slamming on the breaks, swerving to avoid a head-on collision, and other emergency tactics. However, if a driver’s ability to make an educated decision in traffic is impeded, the force of the impact and the type of impact itself can be all the more disastrous.

What Can Victims Do?

Because a drunk driving car accident is something that is entirely preventable, and because it is the direct result of a motorist’s negligent actions in failing to maintain safety on the road, it is every victim’s right to contact an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer for assistance in filing an accident claim and to obtain the compensation they are entitled to. Visit www.bkblaw.net or call 505-764-9710.


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