Alcoholics Anonymous is better known simply as AA. This non-profit organization was established in 1935 at Akron in the state of Ohio. This international mutual aid fellowship has just one primary goal and that is to stay sober while helping other alcoholics achieve their goals of sobriety. In a strange turn of events, a woman who was on the way to an AA meeting ended up in a drunk driving crash, which has now landed her in 9 months of jail.

AA has saved lives.

Drunk Driving Accident

61 year old Briege O’Hara has been battling alcoholism for decades now. There are good days when she manages to stay away from the bottle but there are also plenty of bad days. On these bad days, Briege O’Hara has repeatedly made the destructive choice to drink and drive and this has gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past. In the past, her drunk driving accident lawyers might have managed to save her from drastic sentences. But this time, O’Hara has pleaded guilty for excessive drinking as well as causing grievous injury by dangerous driving.

A resident of Antrim Road in Belfast, O’Hara was on her way to an AA meeting when she was caught driving on the wrong side of the road. On 27th August 2013, O’Hara drove head-on into another motorist who was in the right way. Her drunk driving accident lawyers had a gargantuan task ahead of them.

The Laganside Court presided over the trial. During the course of the court case, drunk driving accident lawyers from both sides presented plenty of evidence. The crash supposedly happened around 11.30 BST on Antrim Road. Since O’Hara was driving recklessly fast and on the wrong side of the road, the victim didn’t even have the opportunity to swerve away from her path and the result was a gruesome head-on collision.


The victim of this gruesome accident was a van driver who is in his mid-60s. The driver is definitely worse for the wear after the accident. In fact, his drunk driving accident lawyers said that the accident broke his sternum and left hand owing to the head-on collision. Furthermore, the man lost his means of livelihood as he was thrown out of his job as a delivery driver after the accident. He has also spent a lot of money getting treated for his injuries in a nearby hospital.

Drunk driving accident lawyers for O’Hara told the court that the incident was utterly disgraceful but O’Hara was extremely remorseful about it and had apologized to the victim. Post the accident, O’Hara also spent 12 weeks in a rehabilitation residential care center being treated for her alcohol addiction problems. They also said that ever since the accident, O’Hara has abstained from drinking completely as a way to show remorse for her actions.

Driving on the wrong side of the road is not fantastic driving.


Even though her drunk driving accident lawyers pleaded for mercy by saying that she was in a fragile state of mind and had had a very difficult life, they couldn’t get her out scot-free. The fact is that at the time of the accident, O’Hara’s blood alcohol levels were way over the legal permissible amount. In the final ruling, the judged decided that O’Hara will be sentenced to 18 months of jail. She will have to spend 9 months of the sentence in prison, while she will be allowed to serve the other half of the sentence under supervised license. Furthermore, it was decided that O’Hara will be banned from driving over the next three years. Her license has been suspended to that effect.

With advice from her drunk driving accident lawyers, O’Hara pleaded guilty on several charges. She also confessed that before she left her home on that fateful day, she had consumed at least one glass of wine as well as 5mgs of Diazepam. It is obvious that O’Hara should not have been driving at all.