Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in South GA Discuss Collison Involving 24-Year-Old Alleged Drunk Driver Who Crashed into Porch

South GA drunk driving accident attorneys

Online Athens recently reported that a 24-year-old Charleston, GA resident was arrested and charged with DUI after causing an accident in the SUV he was driving. It was early one Friday morning when Jacob Benjamin Snell left the roadway of the 1500 block of South Lumpkin Street and crashed into the porch of a duplex apartment. Snell told one of the residents of the apartments that he was OK and then proceeded to get out of his vehicle and walked away from the accident scene. Although Snell may not have realized it, but it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident, especially when there is property damage.

Police were then called to the accident scene where they found the vehicle. Upon looking for other occupants, officers recovered a half-empty bottle of vodka. The resident whom Snell had spoken with after crashing into the porch provided police with a description of the man including the type of clothing he was wearing, his hairstyle, and the nose-piercing he had. Police were able to locate Snell stumbling along as he attempted to walk nearby to a Waffle House on South Milledge Avenue and said that they detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage on him.


After officers requested that Snell submit to a field sobriety test, he refused to do so and was then arrested and charged with DUI as well as leaving the scene of an accident.


Although Snell was charged with the crimes, he wasn’t actually convicted. When a person is said to be driving while intoxicated and causes an accident, they are presumed to be innocent until they are proven guilty. But, because Snell did refuse to submit to the field sobriety test, his driver’s license was automatically suspended and he may not be permitted to apply for a conditional license that would allow him to still drive to and from work.

Snell may want to consider hiring a DUI attorney in South Georgia as soon as possible seeing that he caused an accident that likely left the property of the apartment complex damaged and left the scene of an accident. He also had an open alcoholic beverage in his vehicle which may increase his penalties. Because GA law prohibits anyone from consuming or possessing an open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle, he risks being charged with an open container violation.


Were you recently involved in a drunk driving accident in South GA?


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If you need help recovering compensation for the damage that has been caused in a drunk driving accident, consult with a South GA drunk driving crash attorney as soon as possible.

While most DUI offenders retain a DUI defense lawyer to help them through their case, the victims of these accidents should also have someone to turn to who can help them recover compensation for the pain and suffering they have been forced to live with.  If you are the victim of a drunk or drugged driving accident, consider contacting a GA drunk driving accident lawyer at Whitworth & McLelland in South Georgia.


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