Boca Raton, FL – Intoxicated drivers are a source of problems for both law enforcement and other drivers on the road. When someone is caught driving under the influence, they may be sued by any victim who was harmed by their actions in addition to the charges they will face from the state. It is always important for victims to get legal representation and discuss their situation with a local lawyer before taking action. 

Statistics that show the state’s problems with drunk driving

According to the CDC, intoxicated drivers are more of an issue in Florida than most other states. The amount of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers is greater than the national average. Over two percent of drivers in the state also admitted to drinking too much before driving within the last month. Florida uses a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 as the legal limit, which can make it difficult for people to determine whether there is enough alcohol in their bloodstream to make driving illegal. Other jurisdictions have adopted a zero tolerance policy for any alcohol in a person’s bloodstream while they are driving to try to address this problem. 

Anyone who is convicted of a drunk driving offense in criminal court in the state will face a license suspension, fines, community service, probation, and possibly jail time. They can still be sued by a victim even if they serve the penalties associated with their conviction. 

Lawsuits against intoxicated drivers

Aside from these criminal penalties, a drunk driver can be sued by anyone who was involved in an accident. The criminal and civil cases are handled separately, and the outcome of one does not necessarily affect the other. 

If there is evidence of impaired driving, this can be helpful for a plaintiff. While this evidence on its own does not decide the outcome of the lawsuit, many defense lawyers may decide to make a settlement agreement with the plaintiff. This is because it is difficult to defend a case where there is evidence of intoxicated driving and a collision caused by this kind of illegal behavior. 

The person responsible for the car accident will have to pay out damages for a number of different losses. This can include property damage and vehicle repairs, medical bills and treatment, lost wages and income, and emotional trauma, pain, and suffering caused by the collision. 

Learning more about bringing an injury lawsuit against a drunk driver

There are professionals who handle all issues related to accident lawsuits in the Boca Raton area. Rosenberg Injury Law is a firm of experienced attorneys who are licensed and in good standing to practice law in the state of Florida. 

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