Drunk Driver Who Killed Virginia Teen Appears in Court

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Millions of Americans admit to driving when they’ve had too many drinks.

Norfolk, VA- The box truck driver who is accused of causing a fatal drunk driving accident that killed a Virginia teen in May appeared in court last week for a preliminary hearing.

Drunk Box Truck Driver Appears in Court

Jerode Johnson appeared in court on Friday, October 6, for his initial hearing which included heart-wrenching testimony from a motorist who witnessed the crash. Johnson, aged 31, is facing several criminal charges including DUI manslaughter, DUI maiming, fleeing the scene of an accident and driving with a revoked license, according to the Virginia Pilot.

The accident occurred in May and killed an 18-year-old girl and critically injured her passenger, also 18. One witness told the court that she saw the truck driving erratically on Indian River Road in Virginia Beach when she saw a box truck driving erratically. She passed the truck. Moments after she did, the truck driver lost control and ran off the right side of the road. Johnson then overcorrected and veered far left into oncoming traffic, striking the teen’s SUV head-on.

Johnson fled the scene of the accident. He was found hiding behind a house near the scene of the crash and placed under arrest. Police say Johnson was visibly intoxicated and was driving with a revoked driver’s license.

Why Drunk Drivers Should Never Be Behind the Wheel

Many Virginians unwind by having a drink to two, but most don’t make the unwise decision to drive afterward. Sadly, too many Clevelanders don’t think twice about drunk driving, as this accident demonstrates. In a 2014 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA) survey, 28.7 million respondents admitted to driving after having too many drinks.

Alcohol affects drivers in the following ways:

Hand-eye coordination slows

Vision gets blurry

Unable to recognize emergency situations

Drivers are overconfident

Lowers inhibitions causing drivers to engage in risky behaviors like speeding

There is no excuse for drunk driving. Ever. Unfortunately, too many drivers get behind the wheel even though they are aware of the risk they pose to themselves and others. That false sense of confidence Drunk drivers who kill, maim

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If your life has been turned upside down by a drunk driver, you need to act and contact a drunk driving accident lawyer in Norfolk to talk about your case.

and injure others should be held criminally accountable. They can also be held accountable in civil court with the help of drunk driving accident lawyer.

Get Help with Your Drunk Driving Claim

Too many drunk driving accidents are fatal. Often, the ones that don’t result in severe injuries and a pile of medical bills for the victim. Your medical costs are not your responsibility when a drunk driver causes them. If you are hurt, USAttorneys.com can connect you with an experienced attorney with a comprehensive understanding of Virginia’s personal injury laws to work on your case. You can count on them to get you maximum compensation.

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