Drunk Driver Slams into Texas Police Officer

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Dallas, TX – A Texas police officer recently found himself on the wrong side of a drunk driving accident.

The Daily Caller revealed shocking footage of a Texas police officer getting hit by a drunk driver. Police dash cam footage from the accident surfaced this past Monday, shedding light on how lucky Officer Matt Lesell is to be alive.

In the video, you can see Lesell walk up to a vehicle that he had just pulled over. Before you know it, a drunk driver comes barreling out of seemingly no where and first slams right into the parked vehicle, and then the police officer himself.

Despite Lesell being launched into the air and landing on the drunk driver’s vehicle, he merely brushes himself off and walks away only seconds later.

While Lesell was not quite able to walk away from the accident, the fact that he “stumbled”  away is shocking not only to drunk driving accident attorneys, but even moreso to Lesell himself. The Daily Caller reports that the Texas police officer is still surprised he was not more badly injured. He reveals that since his job involves seeing horrible accidents with equally as horrible injuries, he fully appreciates how lucky he was given his situation.

The only reported injuries Lesell has sustained is a fractured vertebra and a hyperextended foot. While the damage could have been much worse, he will still not be able to work for the next month.

What prevented this drunk driving accident in Texas from being much worse? The fact that the speeding car crashed into the parked car first, and not the police officer.

According to NBC 5, Lesell recalls standing next to the parked car one minute, and then soaring through the air the next. He likens sensation of getting hit by a drunk driver to feeling like you are spinning through a washing machine. He explains that when the accident happens, your body immediately goes into trauma and self-preservation mode. He doesn’t remember feeling any pain, only confusion as to where the blood was coming from.

Lesell almost wasn’t so lucky. Star-Telegram shares that after he landed on the ground, the police officer tried to stand up a couple of times but instead fell down. Knowing that he somehow had to make it off the highway to safety, he managed to stumble to the side of the road. Moments later, another car came speeding over the exact spot he had just been lying helplessly.

The culprit behind the crash, Mike Mitchell, age 34, was arrested with a second-degree felony charge of intoxication assault that caused serious bodily injury to a police officer. It is safe to say that Mitchell might want to look into finding a quality drunk driving accident attorney in Texas.

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