Drunk Driver Seriously Injures Good Samaritan in California

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A California drunk driver severely injured a Good Samaritan who stopped to help a pair of stranded motorists.

Orange County, CA- Stopping to help a stranded motorist is a noble thing to do. It can also be dangerous, especially if a Good Samaritan stops at night when there are more drunken drivers on the road. The risks of being stranded on a highway are highlighted in a recent California crash that left one man with severe injuries and the possibility of losing both legs.

Drunken Driver Seriously Injures a Good Samaritan on California Freeway

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, 29-year-old Mark Poss, was driving along Highway 50 in downtown Sacramento around 2:30 a.m. when he saw a man, and a woman, pushing a broken-down car. He stopped to assist the stranded motorists and was helping them to a safer spot when a drunk driver hit the two men, injuring both.

Poss and Mario Sanchez were pushing the disabled vehicle from behind when they were struck. The SF Gate reports that both Sanchez’s legs were fractured, but Poss’ limbs were almost completely severed.

Poss will have to undergo extensive rehabilitation.

Police told reporters they suspect the driver, Jacob Olson, 24, was drunk at the time of the crash. They said he displayed signs of intoxication.

Drunk Driving Accidents in California

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk drivers in the U.S. kill a person every 51 minutes and injure an average of 800 people every day. Sadly, drunk accidents are rising across the U.S. and in California, so motorists who get stranded or stop to help a disabled driver need to be extra cautious on the roadside.

Recent traffic crash data from the NHTSA showed there was a 1.7 percent increase in fatal drunk driving accidents nationwide in 2016. There has been an even steeper rise in California with a 16.2 percent increase in 2016 over 2015.

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The accident mentioned here is a sad reminder of the dangers drunk drivers pose to other people on the road and how much harm they can cause. The man in the accident above survived the crash, but like too many victims of drunken drivers, he suffered devastating injuries that will forever change his life. If you are the victim of a drunk driver in Orange County, USAttorneys.com will help you locate a nearby attorney.

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