Drunk Driver in Maserati Severely Injures Utah Woman

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A Utah woman was severely injured when she was hit head-on by a drunken man driving a Maserati on Interstate 51 in Weber County.

Weber County, UT- Driving is a complicated task, a fact that people tend to forget after having a few drinks. Sadly, drunk drivers don’t care that they are putting other drivers at risk and are just one mistake away from severely injuring or killing another person. One of the common errors is driving the wrong way down an interstate. It’s the mistake a Maserati driver made when he hit an SUV.

Maserati Driver Injures Woman in Utah Drunk Driving Crash

A wrong-way crash on Interstate 51 in Weber County, Utah left one woman with severe injuries on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

The Standard-Examiner reports that man driving a Maserati entered the northbound lanes of I-51 going in the wrong direction around 12:45 a.m. He then hit an SUV head-on, causing it to flip over the cables in the center median. It came to rest on the roof in the left southbound lane.

The SUV’s sole occupant, a woman, was severely injured and taken to a nearby hospital. She suffered a shattered pelvis and lacerations to her head, Fox 13 Salt Lake City reports.

The 44-year-old man driving the Maserati only suffered a few cuts to the head, Fox 13 reports. He was treated at and released.

Once the hospital released, the accused driver police arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving. Fox 13 reports that he will be charged with several felony counts including DUI.

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Drunk driving accidents in Utah injured 1,207 people and killed 37 people in 2016, according to the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Unfortunately, a drunk driving accident can leave a victim with costly and life-altering injuries. Many victims must endure a long road to recovery, and some will never recover from their injuries. Victims of drunk drivers face so many troubles, recovering compensation doesn’t have to be one them.

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