Driving Under the Influence – The Low Down on Plea Bargains

It’s almost inevitable that any person facing DUI charges will be approached by someone representing the prosecution to come to an arrangement before going into trial. This arrangement is what is known as a plea bargain or a plea deal, essentially it is an offer made by the prosecution wherein the suspect is given some sort of concession for pleading guilty (or in some other way as dictated by the prosecutor).

The heaviest charge dropped

Concession usually comes in the form of the prosecutor dropping the most serious charges against the suspect and instead convicting them of less serious charges. Sometimes, the punishments are reduced. For instance, the prosecutor may approach a suspect and make them an offer saying they will only go to jail for a day instead of for a month if they plead guilty.

So in essence, there are many types of plea deals but the general idea is to reach a balance where both the prosecution and the defense will mutually benefit. You should have a Marietta, GA Drunk Driving accident lawyer well before this point though. Where do you find someone of high moral character? Look no further than on this site: http://accident.usattorneys.com/georgia/.

Plea bargain deals – how they work

The next thing to understand about a plea bargain or a plea deal is that it may be struck together at any point in the litigation. It does not even mandatorily always have to be initiated by the prosecution. In fact, you and your drunk driving accident attorney may want to reach out to the prosecution to negotiate a deal. This is especially true when the case against you is very strong and the prosecutors are not too inclined on offering you any plea deals.

These deals maybe made in an informal setting (over the phone, informal meeting etc.) or even in a formal setting (pretrial or settlement conference) which usually occurs in the judge’s chambers and may even be overseen by the judge.

So why does the prosecution offer such plea deals? Does it not benefit them to use the full extent of the law to punish you and convict you of serious charges? Your splendid Marietta, GA Drunk Driving accident attorney will explain this to you.

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While it is true that the prosecution’s main objective is to convict suspects and subject them to the processes of the law, the prosecution is also under constant pressure to wrap up cases in a timely manner so as to cut costs to the court room and to keep the court rooms available and free for other cases.

This is why they use the technique of plea bargains or plea deals, which for the most part gives them a fine balance, where they are still able to prosecute you to a certain extent without taking up too much time trying to prove that you are guilty.

Any solid and decent Marietta, GA drunk driving accident lawyer will know not to reveal all of his defense plan or strategy to the prosecution while negotiating a plea deal.

The right legal help

This is because if you go ahead and explain to the prosecution how you will fight their evidence and beat your case and you end up in a situation where you are unable to reach middle ground and strike a plea deal, the prosecution is now very well aware of your plan and will play around it. Rest assured, an aggressive and patient Georgia drunk driving accident lawyer who can be found right here is your best bet when it comes to negotiating plea bargains.

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