Driver Charged With DUI After Wrong-Way Crash

Any case of drunk driving, especially one that causes severe injuries, is not easy for anyone involved. The victim often suffers severe injuries and must struggle through months or even years of painful rehabilitation. In many instances, both the driver and the victim suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. In the event of a victim’s death, the families are thrown into grief, and the driver is left with guilt.


kayla 230x300 Driver Charged With DUI After Wrong Way Crash

No story serves as a better example of this than Kayla Mendoza’s. Five months ago, the 21-year-old went out to the bars and made the decision to drive home despite the fact that she didn’t hold a valid driver’s license. She chose to take the expressway home late that night. Soon, she lost control of her vehicle and slid into the wrong lane, striking an oncoming car.

The driver of the other car, Marisa Catronio, was also 21 and driving with best friend Kaitlyn Ferrante. Catronio died at the scene of the accident, and Ferrant suffered serious injuries and died days later in a hospital. In the wake of the horrific accident, the families of both girls were understandably outraged.

In situations such as these, tempers run hot, and the media vilifies the drivers. It can be difficult to remember that the defendants in driving-under-the-influence cases are just people who made poor decisions. They have rights that the court must respect, and they need an attorney on their side to make sure that the legal system does not treat them unfairly.

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Both Families Filed Lawsuits Against Mendoza Before Police Charged Her With Drunk Driving

CBS Miami reports that Mendoza’s blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. The police arrested Mendoza and charged her with DUI manslaughter, among other offenses. In response to the charges, Kaitlyn Ferrante’s mother, Christine, said that she hopes the court sentences Mendoza to life in prison, expressing outrage that her daughter died while Mendoza has been free for five months.

Christine Ferrante’s anger is understandable, and the revelation that Mendoza tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” just before the accident only stoked that anger, but it is important to examine all the facts.

The Police Arrested Mendoza From The Hospital

After five months, Mendoza is still recovering from her injuries. She broke both of her legs and suffered head injuries. To arrest her, police brought paramedics to take her in a wheelchair to her prison cell. She may have made an extremely poor decision, but Mendoza still has the right to a fair trial.

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