Driver Charged with a DUI after the Smyrna Accident

Brian E Jones, 39, has been charged with vehicular assault and drunken driving after he drove a 2001 Ford pickup into the rear of a Dodge Journey on U.S. 13. In a chain reaction, three other vehicles were also damaged. Jones, according to the police, was speeding at the time of the accident. Two women were injured in the accident, and police found that one of them had a suspended driver’s license.dui3 300x300 Driver Charged with a DUI after the Smyrna Accident

Totally Clueless

Jones also suffered from non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment. According to the police reports there was a strong odor of alcohol on him and his speech was slurred when they found him at the accident site. The police obtained a blood draw search warrant and his blood was drawn for testing alcohol levels a little over two hours after the accident.

If Jones thought he was a loser before this crash, he has no idea how tough his life will be from now on. Jones may have been a worthless person thus far in his wayward life but now the world knows the truth about him.

A Pathetic Character

Jones has been charged with felony first degree vehicular assault, speeding, misdemeanor DUI alcohol, second degree vehicular assault, and failure to have an insurance card.

Why does America tolerate this behavior?

When you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident, you need to immediately retain the services of a drunk driving accident attorney who can represent you in court and also with the department of motor vehicles. A drunk driving charge can lead to revocation of driving privileges unless you can appeal against it. Moreover, a drunk driving accident lawyer will examine the evidence collected against you and ensure that only relevant evidence is presented in court. Any evidence that was collected in violation of your basic rights cannot be presented in court and can help reduce the severity of the penalty you face.

A drunk driving accident attorney will examine the police reports of the accident and ensure that all relevant facts are taken into consideration when deciding the charges and penalty. For instance, if other drivers were also at fault, some of the results of the accident can be attributed to them.


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