Data Reveals Just How Dangerous South Carolina Roadways Really Are

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Last year proved to be a dangerous year for South Carolina drivers. According to The T&D, nearly 1,000 people in South Carolina were killed in roadway accidents. And sadly, this number could increase as there are still collisions being reviewed and those who suffered life-threating injuries could still pass on. After data was reviewed, it appears South Carolina is on a trend of seeing two deaths per day caused by roadway collisions. Looking at the numbers, Orangeburg County had 30 residents killed, which was the same number of people in 2016. Because this county is the state’s second largest in land area, its annual death rate is among the highest per-capita among SC counties. The data for some of the other counties is provided below:


  • Calhoun -5 deaths in 2016
  • Bamberg-4 deaths
  • Dorchester-16 traffic fatalities
  • Berkeley-33 deaths
  • Lexinginton-47 recorded deaths
  • Greenville County had the highest number of individuals killed with its number of deaths recorded at 73.
  • Anderson -44 people killed
  • Spartanburg-51 deaths
  • Horry – 63 deaths
  • Richland-51 deaths
  • Charleston-69 recorded deaths


Ultimately, the goal would be to have zero accidents transpiring on the roadways that run through SC or any other state, but with drivers allowing themselves to become distracted and others getting behind the wheel of their vehicles drunk or buzzed, numbers will continue to be reported.


How can drunk driving accidents along with other types of accidents be prevented?


Below we highlight six key things that can be done to avoid a traffic accident:


  1. Don’t drive drunk or buzzed. A drunk driving accident can be detrimental to both you and the person you hit. While we are all entitled to a good time, it certainly isn’t worth being pulled over for DUI or arrested for causing a drunk driving collision that has led to an innocent motorist dying. If you want to have a drink, assign someone as your designated driver or wait until you get home to do so.
  2. Don’t drive distracted. That means no using your cell phone, eating, drinking, or chatting with friends or family in the car.
  3. Avoid speeding. Speeding decreases your chances of stopping in the event traffic slows which then increases your chances of rear-ending the car in front of you.
  4. Be on high alert in parking lots. With people more concerned about finding a parking space than practicing safety, driving in a parking lot can be rather dangerous so be careful and remain attentive. Also, keep in mind that small children might be walking or crossing the road so be on the lookout for them when driving through a parking lot.
  5. Choose a vehicle you feel comfortable driving so that you aren’t putting yourself and others at risk. If you aren’t able to get a handle on things like turning or switching lanes, perhaps you might want to consider looking into getting a new car that is more suitable for you.


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