Civil and Criminal Consequences of a DUI-Related Car Accident

The first most important consequence of a DUI-related car accident is the DUI charge. In fact any DUI conviction for the first time can result in the loss of driver’s license for several months, a hefty fine, and possibly substance abuse counseling driver education school as any Tallahassee drunk driving accident lawyer will tell you.

However, things might not stop with a mere a DUI charge. The drunk driver may be charged with driving to endanger, reckless driving, assault, and negligent homicide. If any drunk driver hits another vehicle or person, causing an injury, the police will strongly consider filing supplementary criminal charges against the offending driver. For the second or third DUI conviction, the criminal consequences becomes a lot worse and might even include jail time.

Any individual with numerous DUI convictions might lose his or her license for several years, if not for good, according to Tallahassee drunk driving accident attorneys. Some of the best legal help can be reached right here.

Breathalyzer Test

Some individuals think that they can get around a DUI conviction by declining a breathalyzer test, but this is a fallacy. In fact, refusing to undergo a breathalyzer test can result in the loss of license for 3 to 6 months. Nevertheless, this won’t prevent the police officials from filing a DUI charge against them.

Without the results of a breathalyzer to guide them, police officials will observe your speech, gait, appearance, and the way you were driving before they asked you to pull over. In case the police think that you seem intoxicated, they can charge you. Then your only recourse is a Florida drunk driving accident lawyer.

Standards for Intoxication

When a driver’s BAC or blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08 percent, any driver is deemed intoxicated. However, for minors and commercial drivers, the BAC limit is a clear deal lower. For commercial drivers it is 0.04 percent and for minors it is a mere 0.02%.

Civil Consequences

The consequences of a DUI-related car accident can have civil penalties as well although they don’t involve any jail time, but can still be serious and a Tallahassee, Florida drunk driving accident lawyer should be working with you if you are involved in this situation. First, anyone convicted of a DUI might face hefty increase in insurance premium and a suspended or revoked driver’s license for a long period of time.

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Tupac thought it was him against the world. It does not have to be that case for you. You can find a Tallahassee drunk driviing accident lawyer who can help you out of this legal logjam you are in or at least help you deflect some of the charges. You can find this type of legal help here

If a drunk driver hits another vehicle or individual he/she has no opportunity of succeeding in a civil lawsuit the injured individual files against him or her. In such a scenario, the driver’s car insurance company will settle the case if possible. However, this will involve more money than if you had not been drunk. If the injury is severe, it might exceed your maximum care insurance coverage following which you will have to pay the costs out of your own pocket, if you have the means to settle the case.

Borrowing Money from Family can be Embarrassing

If you decline to contribute to the settlement, the injured individual can file a case and if the latter wins the case and if the court’s verdict goes beyond your insurance coverage, which is most likely, you will be made to pay from your own pocket. You do not want to have to call your parents or your brother for instance to ask if you can borrow some money!

As you can see, a DUI related accident can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, if you are involved such an accident, you ought to lose no time in hiring a fabulous Tallahassee drunk driving accident lawyer to work with you on your case. The legal hammer is pounding you but you can possibly move out its way, at least hopefully a little!

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