California – November 3, 2020

A motorist was killed in a fiery, solo-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 north of Camp Pendleton on Monday night.  California Highway Patrol Officers reported that the fatal crash occurred when a man was driving an SUV on the northbound highway at about 70 mph when, for unknown reasons, the SUV veered to the right off the roadway and down into a drainage culvert, where it crashed and caught fire.  The driver did not escape fatal injury before he could be taken to a hospital, and firefighters were able to extinguish the crash fire.

California “no fault.”

No-fault auto insurance, or personal injury protection (PIP) includes death benefits. The death benefits are paid out by insurance regardless of who was at fault for causing a car accident that resulted in death.  Sometimes death benefits are referred to as survivor’s benefits and include payments to families and beneficiaries of the person who died.  These benefits are only paid if a loved one’s death is ruled accidental.  Survivor benefits are usually limited by a no-fault insurance policy, and a death benefit will cover a death that is directly related to the operation of a motor vehicle for insured drivers.  An experienced personal attorney can help surviving loved ones by reviewing insurance policies, and communicating with carriers to process claims when necessary.

Accidental death insurance.

The accidental death benefit, as part of a car insurance policy which may not be required,  pays for death expenses if, in a covered auto accident, bodily injury causes the death of a policy holder, or a covered family member.  Since California is not a no fault state, but offers personal injury protection Med Pay coverages as an option, the policy’s death benefit may cover funeral expenses.  It is always best to speak with a car accident attorney who understands insurance laws. When an accident is caused by a criminally negligent act, such as driving under the influence, criminal action may ensue, in addition to civil legal action for personal injury, property damage and wrongful death losses. California personal injury attorneys are instrumental in establishing fault.

Hire a lawyer.

Legal counsel can represent loved ones of victims by filing accidental death benefit claims and reviewing case particulars toward personal injury claims if relevant.  There are times when accident scene investigations may uncover another’s negligence in a solo vehicle crash, such as incidence of manufacture defect, or mechanical malfunction where wrongful death claims may be associated. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates can be instrumental in financial recovery necessary to address harmful losses to surviving loved ones and pay expenses of relevant funeral and burial expenses.


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