Justin Bieber is one lucky man. The pop-star who has a pending DUI case against him in the state of Florida has received another reprieve in the matter. Bieber was arrested on January 23rd in Miami for illegally racing on the streets. Beiber’s drunk driving accident lawyers and the prosecution’s lawyers have asked for more time from the court to decide whether the singer’s case can be resolved by a plea deal.

This is what Bieber says to the world.

Bieber, who did not attend the hearing on the 16th of July, has been asked to report in the court for another hearing on August 5th. That’s three weeks for the pop star’s lawyers to figure out a way to keep him out of jail.

Bieber’s BAC was below permissible levels

The now 20 year old singer was taken into custody early this year on the 23rd of January for drag racing, and booked for DUI and resisting arrest without violence. The arrest happened at 4:09 am on Pine Street Drive and 26th Street after Bieber left a SET nightclub. The speed limit on the street is clearly marked at 30 mph but Bieber was doing almost double at 60 mph when he was caught. The singer was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini. Though the breath analyzer showed that Bieber’s BAC was well under teh prescribed 0.02 for underage drivers (BIeber was 19 at the time of the arrest), his urine test showed high levels of marijuana and other drugs.

Justin’s team had shut down the street for the drag race between him and rapper Khalil. This is highly illegal. Not only this, when the police caught up with the teenage pop idol he was reluctant to remove his hands out of his pants and was belligerent. The singer even used some “choice words” to address the police officials and questioned his arrest after all that he had done. Justin admitted to having guzzled a beer, along with taking marijuana and other prescription drugs which his urine result clearly indicated.

The yellow Lamborghini that Justin was driving at the time of arrest was initially being driven by model Chantel Jeffries. Rapper Khalil who was arrested along with Bieber took several photos that night with him and Justin posing with their swanky drives before the arrest. Chantel Jeffries was not arrested after the incident. Justin was taken into custody by the Miami-Dade county police and was released with a $500 bail.

This is Bieber and his crew. He is a Canadian gangster who now sags his shorts, apparently.

Tearing up the streets

Khalil had a DUI slapped against him as well, while Bieber went home with a DUI, a charge of resisting arrest without violence, and for driving with an expired license. Neither of the two was charged with drag racing however. The wild child singer’s drunk driving accident lawyers have now asked for time to work out a plea deal and have promised to let the court know on the next hearing how the deal is progressing.

Pop star’s starry tantrums

Earlier this month, Bieber was on trial for another misdemeanor case in which he was charged with vandalism for having thrown eggs at his neighbor’s house. The pop singer resolved the case by agreeing to pay more than $80,000 in damages along with agreeing to some other condition set by the court. Bieber also has a case pending against him in Toronto for allegedly assaulting a limo driver. Bieber’s lawyers have said that he is not guilty of the charge levied on him.

In Miami a photographer has also sued the Canadian born singer for roughing him up outside a recording studio when he was taking some pictures of the singer. As if having his drunk driving accident lawyers running around to save him from jail wasn’t enough, the young pop star seems to have taken his stardom to the head and throws multiple tantrums that have begun to take their toll on his popularity.