Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Discuss Crash Caused by “High” Bus Driver Headed to Masters Tournament

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A charter bus driver who was transporting more than a dozen people to the Masters Tournament from Atlanta was charged with DUI after causing a major accident that sent 18 individuals to the hospital. Steven Hoppenbrouwer, who has been identified as the driver of the Jet Executive Limousine motor coach, was said to have been under the influence of drugs at the time the collision transpired. The bus was coming from a hotel in Atlanta and passengers on board stated that they were looking forward to having “a good day out here at Augusta National” before this tragedy occurred.

Some of the passengers told state troopers that Hoppenbrouwer began showing signs of intoxication after he “nearly lost control of the bus two times before the crash.” The bus driver told the passengers that he was just trying to avoid debris that was in the roadway. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and after swerving one too many times, the charter bus ended up spinning around nearly two times before it flipped onto its side.

One of the survivors of the accident told Channel 2 that when the accident first occurred, the bus began to fill with smoke and the tires kept spinning. He said that the engine had been running so they didn’t even know if the bus was still in drive. He then said that because the emergency roof would not open, passengers inside began to kick the glass windows to get out. He managed to climb out and pulled the emergency top off the emergency exit to help those who were injured or panicking to get out of the narrow passageway. Although people were able to climb through, it was a struggle as the passenger compared it to an 18-inch porthole.

After EMS arrived on the DUI accident scene, all 18 passengers were transported to hospitals in the Augusta, GA area. Those who were in critical condition were taken to Augusta University Medical Center. Thankfully, state troopers confirmed that none of the injuries were life-threatening. After the injured passengers were tended to, troopers had Hoppenbrouwer submit to a field sobriety test at the crash scene and the results along with his behavior indicated he should be charged with DUI.


Because the accident is likely going to be attributed to Hoppenbrouwer driving while under the influence, not only will he be charged with DUI but he could potentially be charged for causing the accident as well.


Masters Tournament Week is Known for Having Drunk and Drugged Driving Accidents Occur


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Bus accidents and other types of drunk driving collisions tend to occur more often during the Masters Tournament as many are out celebrating.

During the time when the Masters Tournament is in session, drunk and drugged driving accidents tend to occur more frequently. There are many who are traveling for the event, some by bus and others who travel in their own passenger vehicles, and it only makes for a more dangerous roadway. Aside from roadways becoming more congested, many are out celebrating and having a good time which leads to motorists getting behind the wheel drunk. The news source highlighted that even doctors said they were ready for this kind of crash during Masters week as they have had previous bus accidents occurring during the event in the past.


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