According to police reports Damon Tobias Exum, 37, was arrested on a DUI charge as well as seven other charges after he hit a patrol car on the I-285 near North Peachtree Road, in suburban Atlanta. According to Officer Rodriguez who arrested Exum, the driver was so intoxicated that he was unaware that he had hit the patrol car and continued driving.

The car was not damaged and Rodriguez was not injured, so he chased Exum and asked him to pull over. When Exum was asked for his license, he was so confused that he instead handed over a beer to the cop. Exum has been arrested and charged with DUI and seven other offenses. This is Exum’s third DUI arrest.

Georgia’s DUI Laws

The SUI laws in Georgia are strict and the penalty depends on multiple factors. While those under the age of 21 are penalized for blood alcohol levels of even 0.02 if they are driving, adults testing for blood alcohol levels of 0.08 or more are charged with drunk driving. In addition, under Georgia laws the judge has to award the minimum stipulated mandatory penalty for various DUI offenses. Apart from this, the judge has the right to increase the penalty depending on the circumstances.

If you are arrested for drunk driving in the growing and spectacular city of Atlanta you need to immediately retain a drunk driving accident attorney in Atlanta to ensure that your rights are protected.


When police suspect that a person has caused a drunk driving accident in Atlanta they immediately arrest them and place them in jail. The arrested person has to undergo a blood test to determine blood alcohol levels. This information will be part of the evidence presented in court during the trial by the prosecution.

In addition, the arrested person will be produced before a judge who will determine the bail amount to be paid to obtain release until the trial is concluded. The bail amount will depend on various factors such as the charges brought against the accused, whether it is a first DUI offense or not, and whether the accident lead to any injuries or death.

Multiple Consequences

When a person is arrested for causing a drunk driving accident, the department of motor vehicles will automatically suspend their driving license after ten days unless the accused applies against this move. A drunk driving accident lawyer in Atlanta can help a person arrested on a drunk driving charge by ensuring that their driving license is not suspended. This can help you continue to drive to work and court as you fight the drunk driving charges.

In addition, if there are any damages to vehicles, injuries, or deaths then the person accused of drunk driving will also have to face civil cases asking for financial compensation. A fantastic and hard working legal professional can help ensure that you are defended down to the finest detail in such cases as well. The attorney will represent you in court and make sure that any financial compensation you are asked to pay is not very high.