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A drunk driver caused the death of 2 Lamar University students in Texas.

Texas – November 7, 2021

Two college students suffered fatal…
November 12, 2021/by nora

What remedies are available to victims of drunk drivers in Birmingham?

Birmingham, AL - Drunk drivers cause all kinds of harm on the…
September 28, 2021/by brian

Does a drunk driving accident victim in Delray Beach need to prove that the defendant was intoxicated in a negligence lawsuit?

Delray Beach, FL - Drunk driving accidents can result in severe…
September 21, 2021/by brian

Pedestrian injured in San Diego may have case against drunk driver.

California – September 12, 2021

Law enforcement reported…
September 13, 2021/by nora

Drunk driver faces harsh penalties after injuring two people in a Texas car crash. 

Texas – September 8, 2021

A Kilgore man pleaded guilty Wednesday…
September 13, 2021/by nora

Are punitive damages available against all drunk drivers in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach, FL - Drunk driving accidents are taken very seriously…
September 12, 2021/by brian

Does an accident victim have to prove intoxication to sue a drunk driver in Coconut Creek?

Coconut Creek, FL - When a driver is injured by an intoxicated…
September 6, 2021/by brian

Car accident attorneys can assist crash victims injured by DUI drivers in San Diego.

California – August 30, 2021

Drinking and driving still…
August 31, 2021/by nora

Can a drunk driver be sued in civil court in Gardere after causing an accident?

Gardere, LA - Drunk drivers can be punished with various criminal…
August 30, 2021/by brian

Jackson MS, Drunk Driving Accident Laws Affect Victim Compensation

Almost half of all the collisions that occur across the United…
July 23, 2021/by maha

Jackson, MS, How Does Alcohol Impair Driving and Cause Drunk Driving Accidents?

Drunk driving accidents occur more often than they should on…
July 7, 2021/by maha

Will auto insurance cover damage caused by a drunk driver in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach, FL - Drunk driving accidents can result in large…
July 4, 2021/by brian