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Drunk driving may have caused fatal injury to passenger in crash near Hotel del Coronado

California – July 29, 2022

According to the National Highway…
August 17, 2022/by nora

DUI in San Diego leads to stringent charges and may support wrongful death case.

California – August 2, 2022

A 20-year-old man from Menifee…
August 4, 2022/by nora

The two ways that drunk drivers are punished after an accident in Spartanburg

Spartanburg, SC - People who drive after consuming drugs or alcohol…
August 2, 2022/by brian

Drunk driving mom arrested when 8-year-old died in a multi-vehicle crash near San Diego.

California – July 24, 2022

A mom accused of driving drunk…
July 27, 2022/by nora

How much will a drunk driver owe the people that they hurt in Monticello?

Monticello, LA - Every day in Louisiana and other states, drunk…
July 26, 2022/by brian

San Diego, CA: DUI driver caused a pedestrian to suffer fatal injury after Tesla impact.

California – June 8, 2022

A 40-year-old woman suffered fatal…
June 9, 2022/by nora

Statute of Limitations for Drunk Driving Accidents: Exceptions to the Rule

If you've been injured in a DUI crash, one of the first things…
May 31, 2022/by efigueira

What Is an Arraignment in a DUI Case?

If you have been charged with a DUI in Mississippi, you will…
May 31, 2022/by efigueira

Damages in a DUI Accident

Injured victims suffer all kinds of different damages in a typical…
May 31, 2022/by efigueira

You Won’t Believe These Semi-Truck Crashes in Utah

Semi-trucks are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and…
May 31, 2022/by efigueira

How to get maximum damages for a DUI accident in Nebraska

Omaha. NE - Around one-third of all traffic fatalities in Nebraska…
May 26, 2022/by jacqueline

What do police do when they find drunk driving accidents in Brownsfield?

Brownsfield, LA - Law enforcement has the task of responding…
May 23, 2022/by brian