Are Drunk Driving Charges Avoidable After Engaging in an Accident?

In every state, one thing you can count on being in full effect are the laws surrounding drunk driving. If a driver is caught under the influence and has a BAC of .08 or higher, chances are they are going to be arrested and eventually tried before a judge. This is the time when they are either convicted of their charges, or set free. But, if a driver caused an accident and it was determined they were intoxicated, it is likely they will be facing some sort of penalty.

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If you are a victim to a drunk driving crash, contact where you will receive assistance in finding the most reputable drunk driving accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

Exceptions to the Law

The whole purpose of having laws in place that go against drunk driving is to avoid accidents and people getting hurt. Drunk driving impairs the brain and leaves the driver unable to make informed decisions. This means a simple U-turn could be a devastating moment for anyone if the drunk driver isn’t watching for oncoming traffic and turns when it isn’t their turn. This is when those tragic fatal accidents transpire and one family finds out they have lost one or more of their loved ones. This is why the state of California has the laws that it does. They are implemented so that a drunk driver who causes an accident is faced with a harsh penalty that will cause them to think twice before engaging in the act again.

So are there are expectations to the laws? Can someone manage to “get off the hook” for injuring or killing a person in an automobile crash? Unfortunately, there just may be ways around it when you have the right drunk driving accident lawyer in California working on your side.

Sample Case from 2014

Back in 2014, a man named Timothy Castle was driving in West Columbus and said to have been under the influence. According to ABC New 6, because Castle was under the influence, he slammed into Debbie Meadows’ vehicle after she was driving home from having dinner with friends. Meadows didn’t survive the drunk driving accident. Castle was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, but his charges were later thrown out when the victim’s death was ruled as a natural death. Confusing right? The news source states that Dr. Werner Spitz, who is a world renowned forensic pathologist, brought up the fact that Meadows was a cancer patient and that the true cause of her death.

Spitz is known for his work on many high-profile cases including the assignations of President John Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And while that may sound rather confusing, court papers also revealed that county taxpayers pickup Castle’s legal bills and also covered the tab for hiring Spitz.

What Can You do to be Sure Criminal and Civil Charges Are Enforced?

If you are involved in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver and you or a family member were injured, the most efficient way to ensure the verdict of your case isn’t similar to that of Castle’s is to hire your own Los Angeles, CA drunk driving accident lawyer. The laws can sometimes be confusing and you need someone working on your side who is aggressive and willing to fight for your rights as an injury victim.

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