In a strange twist of events, the high school leader of an anti-drinking club was caught driving under the influence. His car was totaled in an accident that resulted in the loss of life and property. The incident happened in downtown Naperville quarry and two of the passengers in the vehicle were declared dead on the spot.

This car accident is not this bad but it is a tragedy nonetheless.

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

21 year old Michael T. Szot of Geneva, Illinois will soon have to hire drunk driving accident lawyers to handle his case. Szot is reportedly devastated with the incident and at the loss of his friends and fellow passengers. Naperville police representatives have said that the crash took place near the intersection of Aurora Avenue and Eagle Street near the Naperville quarry. The perpetrator was driving a 2007 Chevy Impala on Aurora Avenue when he lost control of the vehicle. The car left the roadway at Eagle Street and proceeded to crash into a number of trees before landing in the quarry. Though Szot was able to get out of the vehicle and swim to safety, his passengers were not quite as lucky.

According to the authorities, the two passengers in the car have been identified as Mihirtej Boddupalli and Sajaad Safiullah Syed, both 21 years old. The two unfortunate victims were not able to escape the vehicle when it landed in the quarry. Their bodies were pulled out of the quarry by fire department and police divers. They were transported to nearby Edward Hospital, but both passengers were pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Szot was also taken to the same hospital where he received treatment for his minor injuries and was subsequently, released. There is no information about whether the families of the deceased victims have called on drunk driving accident lawyers as of now.

All three men were students at Northwestern University. Boddupalli and Szot were seniors at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. The university has released a statement about the tragedy and said that it was a tremendous loss and extended their condolences to the family and friends of the victims.
Blood Reports

Szot will need the help of drunk driving accident lawyers because his blood alcohol content was recorded above the legal limit of 0.08. Upon questioning, Szot also confessed to having smoked a joint of marijuana earlier that day. It is a surprising turn of events because Szot was co-president of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) at his high school. He was actively involved in advocating against the use of alcohol and marijuana because of the destructive results of using them.
The rest of his life will be affected by this. This could be a psychological game changer for Szot.

The DuPage County State Attorney Robert Berlin called on people to learn from the mistakes of others so that they do not end up needing the help of drunk driving accident lawyers. He said that people have got to learn that DUI crashes were not really accidents because they are completely avoidable. All one needs to do is to make the conscious decision of not drinking and getting behind the wheels of a vehicle.


Michael T. Szot ruined his life and two of his friends. What was he thinking?

Michael T. Szot ruined his life and two of his friends. What was he thinking?

Szot’s drunk driving accident lawyers will have to deal with the counts that have been leveled against him. He is currently being charged on four counts of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics leading to the death of another as well as two counts of reckless homicide, among other charges. On Sunday, the reports released by the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office stated that he was being held at a $250,000 bond amount.

Szot is Looking at Being Locked Up for 28 Years

Meanwhile, friends of the trio are still trying to absorb the fact that two of their friends are dead and the third one is being charged with their murders. Mohammed Kamran, another student at the same school, said that that the three men in question were like brothers to him and that he couldn’t think straight or process this devastating incident.