Local news for Shelby County, Alabama reported on the arrest of state senator Cam Ward for driving under the influence

Senator was arrested for drunk driving and transported to Shelby County Jail

The police in Alabaster received a call about a potential drunk driver on Alabama Route 119 who was driving erratically and about to possibly cause an accident. They responded to the area at about 1 pm on a July afternoon. Ward was stopped by officers near warrior park on Thompson Road, and they immediately noticed signs of intoxication. The police on the scene started to administer field sobriety tests to Ward, but it was clear that he failed them and performed poorly. 

The senator was then arrested and read his rights before being put in the back of a police car and transported to the Alabaster Police Department’s holding area jail cell. Corrections officers took Ward to the Shelby County Jail and he posted a $1,000 bond to be released early the following morning. 

Ward had a meeting with the Alabama State Legislature for a special session the same day that he was released. He said that he did not want his mistakes to detract from the other goals the legislature had already been working towards. 

Ward was expected to complete a pre-trial diversion program where he would complete a number of conditions and pay fines in exchange for having the charges dropped. These programs have become more readily available in many parts of the country for defendants who have no prior criminal history. 

Losses and injuries caused by drunk drivers

Drunk drivers like the senator in this story are responsible for thousands of accidents each year. Unfortunately, a number of those collisions cause people nearby to be seriously hurt or killed. While drunk driving penalties have become more strict over the years, it is impossible to know exactly how many people risk injury and potentially harm others around them by choosing to drive after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Lawsuits after a drunk driving crash

If you are ever hurt by a drunk driver, it is important to understand your rights and know that you can file a civil claim against the person responsible, even if the state has already brought criminal charges for the same incident. The civil case is the only way to get payment for medical treatment, property damage, and other problems caused by the driver at fault. Even if a family member is killed by a drunk driver, you can still file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court on their behalf. 

Speak with an attorney in your area

There are lawyers in Montevallo and the Shelby County area who assist people with the process of suing an intoxicated driver. To learn more about how you can get legal help, use the listings on USAttorneys.com.  

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