Prosecutors have charged a man from Champaign with DUI after he allegedly caused an auto accident while driving under the influence on Interstate 72. Drunk driving accident lawyers in Evanston, IL have been paying close attention to this case since they could be become involved.

As reported by, the suspect has been identified as 26 year old Audie C. Wright who has also been cited for failure to reduce speed in order to prevent or avert a car accident. The crash left one person injured. The victim was transported to a nearby area hospital in an ambulance.

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The car accident site has been described in police reports as near the 179 milepost on interstate 72’s eastbound lanes. As per car accident investigators, Wright did not seem to bother to break at all when he rear ended a Mack Truck with his Mercury Sedan. The collision sent Wright’s sedan across the center line and onto oncoming traffic where it was then hit on its side by an oncoming Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen which was trying to avert the collision, then lost control and went right into a ditch. The truck driver continued travelling east wards for a few meters and then pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway. Leading drunk driving accident lawyers in Evanston, IL point out that depending on the investigation report, additional penalties and punishment is possible in such cases.

Wright has not helped out her financial prospects at all in life with this situation. You do not want to drink and drive.

Former DUI Convict Now Suspected of Driving without a License

The suspect in the case has been identified as 59 year old Richard Gancarz who is now free after posting a bail of $5,000. According to, the suspect is a former truck driver who did time for having caused an auto accident while driving under the influence in which a Shaumburg Eagle Scout lost his life.

Gancarz appeared in court and posted bail after having spent a night in custody in DuPage County Jail following his arrest for driving on a revoked license.

The auto accident where his license was revoked as a legal consequence occurred in 2000 in Wood Dale. It claimed the life on 17 year old Aric Wooley and Gancarz had served two years in prison for the crime. Wooley passed away on the weekend of his high school graduation party.

Illinois drunk driving accident attorneys point out that Gancarz was released from prison in 2014 and then went on two successfully complete two years of probation post his release. However, according to law enforcement officers who are working on the case, Gancarz has been driving, illegally, even though his license was revoked.

Some people like Richard Gancarz just cannot figure it out. You cannot drive without a license!

This is not a solo act

A drunk driving charge stemming from an auto accident could potentially be much more severe than one arising from a traffic stop or a DUI checkpoint stop. The legal consequences can include prison time, hefty fines, suspensionrevocation of driver’s permit, and so forth.

However, you can challenge your drunk driving related charge and actually beat it provided that you have an Illinois drunk driving accident lawyer represent you.