A Suspended Police Officer Causes a Drunk Driving Crash in Detroit

A suspended police officer in Detroit has been arrested on charges of drunk driving and causing an accident. According to reports, the unnamed officer was driving a gray SUV and did not yield the way or stop and slammed right into a white car driven by Naomi Gaither’s daughter. The driver went straight to hospital while her passenger suddenly collapsed after he grabbed his chest. People in the vicinity asked for the police to call another ambulance.DUI 300x199 A Suspended Police Officer Causes a Drunk Driving Crash in Detroit

Another Dark Spot for Detroit

The Detroit Police chief and his officers have acted promptly to arrest the suspended officer for causing a drunk driving accident and trying to run from the accident scene.

This is as if Detroit did not already have enough problems to worry about.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident you need to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer who can advise you on your rights. If you have sustained injuries in a drunk driving accident than you can claim financial compensation for the medical treatment you need to undergo. You can also ask for financial compensation for loss of income or earnings caused by the injuries and the time taken to recover. Besides, the drunk driver or their insurance company has to compensate you for the damage caused to your vehicle.

This officer may have been drinking so much because he could not understand how a city was sitting on a billion dollars of art while it said it did not have any money! He also could have been drinking because he did not understand how a broke city was buying art in the first place.

A Police Officer is Now Going to Jail

Drunk driving accidents and hit-and-run accidents are taken seriously by law enforcement and penalized. The premise is that if you are old enough to drink you should also be responsible enough to not drive when you are impaired by drinking. Anyone who violates this rule and causes a drunk driving accident faces arrest and severe penalties that can include fines and imprisonment and loss of driving privileges. Besides, the drunk driver is also expected to pay financial compensation to the injured parties when a drunk driving accident takes place.




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