A SC Teacher Charged with DUI Felony After Causing a Fatal Accident Involving Off-Duty Police Officer

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A South Carolina teacher was recently arrested and is facing a charge of felony DUI after being involved in a fatal motorcycle accident that led to a police officer’s death. Whitney Danielle Brooks, 29, was driving in Summerville when she allegedly failed to yield for a left turn and collided into Officer Ryan MacCluen, 31, who was riding his motorcycle. MacCluen was off-duty and was immediately transported to Summerville Medical Center where he passed away within an hour after doctors began rendering treatment.

It was a tragic day for both Brooks’ and MacCluen’s family and each side enlisted the help of a drunk driving accident lawyer to represent them. Brooks’ attorney requested that not only should his client be given bond, which was granted and set at $125,000, but that she “should be allowed to return home to Georgia for a brief time,” according to The Summerville Journal Scene. Although written request must be provided from the court for her to leave the state, Brooks’ attorney pointed out that she has no criminal record and should be granted permission to leave.

Brooks’ SC DUI accident lawyer also pointed out that while he usually doesn’t take on cases that involve a fallen police officer, because Brooks had been a teacher, he decided to represent her. He also chose to take on the case because she blew a 0.0 during her breathalyzer test although she is being charged with felony DUI. A blood sample was taken to determine if any other illegal substances were in her system at the time the accident transpired, although the results of this test were still pending. Brooks’ lawyer believes that his client may actually just be the cause of a “horrible, horrible accident that never should have happened.” He is also under the impression that the felony charge was too harsh for the case. Instead, he thinks his client’s charge should have been a failure to yield charge.

Brooks is scheduled to be back in court on April 16th at the Dorchester County Courthouse where her blood test results may be provided and we will know whether this was, in fact, a case of DUI.


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A DUI accident lawyer can help ensure you aren’t charged with a crime you didn’t actually commit.

An Anderson, SC DUI Accident Attorney Can Help You Avoid Being Wrongfully Charged


Although it is clear that Brooks was at-fault for causing the tragic accident, she may not be guilty of driving while under the influence. And because she hired a dedicated and knowledgeable drunk driving accident lawyer, she may stand a chance of having the felony DUI charge dropped if it can be proven she wasn’t actually intoxicated.

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