3 Pedestrians Injured after Pickup Truck Hits them, Driver Charged with a DUI

A woman driver has been charged with DUI after her pickup truck hit three pedestrians as they were crossing the US 1 near a Bike Week bar in Ormond Beach.

According to eye witnesses, the three injured pedestrians were crossing the road when the black pickup truck driven by Eunice Cich, 52, drove into them. Other traffic was slowing to a halt at that time. One of the injured is in critical condition while the other two are serious.drunk 300x198 3 Pedestrians Injured after Pickup Truck Hits them, Driver Charged with a DUI

Another American Loser

Witnesses also said that Cich appeared to refuse field sobriety tests. Paramedics then drew blood from her and she was handcuffed 45 minutes later. According to troopers, Cich had a blood alcohol level of 0.104. Cich has been taken into custody and charged with DUI.

How do you hit people that are right in front of you? Cich is obviously going to face the hammer on this one; her freedom will be curtailed for years to come.

How Drunk is this Person?

When a person is accused of causing a drunk driving accident, police officials first perform a field sobriety test or a blood test to determine blood alcohol levels. This is the crucial evidence in a drunk driving accident case. If you have been arrested or charged with causing a drunk driving accident you need to immediately retain the services of a drunk driving accident lawyer who can represent you in court.

The drunk driving accident attorney will be able to try and obtain bail for you, file an application for retaining your driving privileges with the department of motor vehicles, and also examine the accident reports to ensure your legal rights are protected.

An Attorney is Needed

A drunk driving accident lawyer is aware of all the nuances of blood tests for alcohol levels and can ensure that any evidence presented against you in court is legally admissible. This will help reduce the charges against you and the eventual penalty as well. A drunk driving accident lawyer will be in the best position to help negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your charges if the evidence is not admissible.

When Cich sobers up, she will realize her life will never be the same.

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