22-Year-old Arrested After Hitting the Back of a Richmond County Deputy Vehicle

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Things took a turn south for 22-year-old Adam Papinchak when he slammed into the back of a Richmond County Deputy patrol vehicle that was stopped at a red light, according to WRDW. The accident occurred at the intersection of I-20 Westbound and Washington Road. According to police, Papinchak first struck the deputy’s patrol vehicle and then traveled another 47 feet where he struck a curb, a crosswalk sign, and then finally stopped in the grass between the westbound entrance and exit ramps.

Naturally, he was questioned by other officers who arrived on scene but because he was too intoxicated, he wasn’t able to give a statement. Three witnesses, however, were happy to tell that they saw his vehicle strike the rear of the deputy’s car. He was arrested and has been charged with following too closely, failure to maintain lane, and DUI. The mugshot photo taken of Papinchak also showed that he did sustain some injuries as the result of the accident as his face had bloody scratch marks in multiple areas.

Papinchak will definitely want to hire an Augusta, GA drunk driving accident lawyer as his charges could potentially put him behind bars for an extended period of time and he will likely be required to pay the fines and fees associated with the charges.


GA Woman Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Drunk Driving Crash She Caused


Being charged with DUI in Richmond County is a serious offense and without proper legal representation, a person facing this charge has a slim chance of getting their charges reduced. One GA resident is now looking at spending the next 30 years of her life behind bars and another 15 years serving time on probation after she caused a serious drunk driving accident. Tara McConnell was charged with serious injury by vehicle for each of the six unrestrained kids she had riding with her in her car with her and six counts of endangering a child under 14 years of age.

According to The Augusta Chronicle, McConnell got inside her Honda Accord with a blood alcohol content level that was nearly three times the legal limit and had the children who were with her get inside as well. She neglected to buckle them and headed to a nearby gas station for some slushes. McConnell pulled into the path of a truck that was hauling a trailer at the intersection of Columbia and North Belair which caused it to

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collide into her vehicle. The children all suffered some pretty serious injuries that ranged from ruptured spleens, lacerations and bruising, and fractured and broken ribs, arms, and pelvic bones. One of the children who was seated in the front seat now suffers from a traumatic brain injury and her younger sister who was sitting on her lap is paralyzed and lives her life confined to a wheelchair.

As you can see, drunk driving accident charges vary based on the severity of the accident and how many offenses a person is said to have committed. Unlike McConnell, Papinchak seemed to have only injured himself and not the deputy who he hit which will help him when it comes time for him to be sentenced.


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