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A well-known and respected cab driver among the locals in Scottsdale has lost his life after being involved in a car accident caused by a suspected drunk driver according to reports coming in from ABC. Drunk driving accident lawyers in Scottsdale, AZ are not too pleased about this.

The victim has been identified as 45 year old Daniel Conaway who had made a name for himself as the go-to-guy if anyone in the area needed a safe commute home or elsewhere. He was known as Dan Cab by club goers, bartenders, and patrons in the area.

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Cabbie was on a mission to get people home safe

Thanks to Dan Cab, people that were under the influence could get home safely and did not have to risk driving themselves. Sadly, it looks like despite his efforts, someone did decide to drink and drive and caused his death.

A bartender who works at The Well Bar named Sarah Potzler in fact spoke to media and said that Dan would even give out free rides to people and his number one priority was that everyone got home safe.

Dan was on duty and was actually trying to get someone home safe when a drunk driver drifted into the wrong lane, and ploughed head on into the cab being operated by Daniel. The drunk driving car accident reportedly occurred near 35th Avenue and Van Buren Street.

Another cabbie named Donald Calvert who was a close friend of Dan Cab spoke to media personnel and said that they would speak every day and often the subject matter of their conversations would be how drunk driving was such a risky and dangerous and how it would be if one of them got into a car accident with a drunk and passed away leaving their families behind.

Police Cruiser State Trooper

Dan Cab is survived by his wife and two young children.

The suspect who caused the car accident has been identified as 25 year old Shawn Davis. He has been arrested and is facing DUI charges including aggravated DUI among others, which is expected in such cases, according to drunk driving accident lawyers in Scottsdale, AZ.

Police vehicle in Scottsdale involved in collision with drunk driver

Fatima Tsouli called 911 reporting that a driver continuously rear ended her vehicle as she drove. The lady said she had to undergo 25 minutes of pure hell and did not know what to do and was scared for her life.

As reported by ABC, the suspect in the case has been identified as 25 year old Jowen Noel Mosses who now faces charges of DUI, reckless driving, and aggravated assault, which can lead to some stiff punishment and penalties, explain Arizona drunk driving accident attorneys.

An officer in a patrol car spotted Moses, but when he pursued him in order to stop him, Moses sped away and hit an SUV which the spun out of control and crashed into a police vehicle. The suspect was later arrested. Jowen Noel Mosses has just made life very difficult for himself.

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