Florida Trooper Hit by Drunken Driver While Responding to an Accident

Palm Beach, FL- Law enforcement officers put their lives at risk every day when they go to work. Even doing something as routine as responding to a traffic wreck can put an officer in danger of being hit by a drunken driver. That’s precisely what happened to a Florida State Trooper who was seriously injured […]

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Missouri Man Ejected in Drunk Driving Crash Found 13 Hours Later

St. Louis, MO- There are many reasons why drunk driving crashes are deadly. For starters, alcohol impairs a person’s thinking processes and motor skills drastically increasing their chances of causing a collision. Speed and lack of seat belts are two other elements that increase the likelihood of a fatal drunk driving accident occurring. When all […]

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California Man Accused of Killing Four in Drunk Driving Crash

Newport Beach, CA- According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,058 Californians were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2016. Often, a drunken driving crash can result in multiple fatalities. Some of these deadly crashes they strike down numerous members of the same family. That’s the lesson of a recent California DUI accident that […]

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Alabama Drunk Driver Heads to Court as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Kicks Off

Birmingham, AL-December 1st marked the beginning of the beginning National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in the U.S. It serves to remind motorists that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious consequences. One Alabama family knows all too well how drunk driving can destroy lives.

Alabama Man Faces His Day in Court DUI […]

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Alcohol Suspected in Deadly Virginia Head-On Crash

Roanoke, VA- The holidays are supposed to be filled with fellowship and good cheer, but, under the wrong circumstances, all that good cheer can make for a treacherous time on Virginia’s road. Christmas is the time of year when more motorists are out and about, and some have indulged in a drink or two, so […]

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South Carolina Woman Charged for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident

Florence, SC- Millions of Americans admit that they drink and drive every year. In a 2015 survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control, 4.2 million people admitted to driving drunk in the thirty days leading up the study. That’s a lot of people who ignore the hazards or drunken driving just like a Florence, […]

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Washington Police Say Man Was Drunk and Having Sex Before Crashing into Tree

King County, WA- Drunken drivers are notorious for making bad decisions that could harm themselves and others. Those risky behaviors usually entail things like traveling in the wrong direction, speeding, or failing to buckle up, but one Washington man took dangerous to a new level. The unidentified man has been accused of not only being […]

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Ohio Teen Pleads Guilty to Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

Columbus, OH- Like adults, some Ohio teens don’t give a second thought to getting in the car after having a few too many drinks or riding with an intoxicated friend. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 24 percent of drivers between 15 and 20 killed in traffic accidents had been drinking, and 19 […]

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Repeat Drunken Driver Kills California Mother

Newport Beach, CA- Drunken driving is a problem across California and results in numerous fatalities and injuries throughout the state. Repeat offenders are responsible for many devastating traffic crashes. The untimely death of California woman hit by a drunk driver earlier this week underscores the dangers posed by first-time or repeat DUI offenders.

California Mother Killed […]

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Virginia Woman Awarded $8 Million For Drunk Driving Crash

Norfolk, VA- There is a high probability that a drunk driving accident will leave victims with fatal or life-changing injuries. The types of injuries car crash victims suffer run the gamut from a minor cut to paralysis depending on the severity of a crash. A common debilitating injury often seen in drunk driving accidents is […]

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