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A SC Teacher Charged with DUI Felony After Causing a Fatal Accident Involving Off-Duty Police Officer


A South Carolina teacher was recently arrested and is facing a charge of felony DUI after being involved in a fatal motorcycle accident that led to a police officer’s death. Whitney Danielle Brooks, 29, was driving in Summerville when she allegedly failed to yield for a left turn and collided into Officer Ryan MacCluen, 31, […]

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Easley Man Nearly Crashes into Police Cruiser and is Later Arrested for DUI


Driving while intoxicated is one infraction of the law but fleeing from police stirs up an entirely different issue. That is what Christopher Smith of Easley, SC is dealing with right now after he fled from police in his vehicle when they began pursuing him. Smith allegedly pulled out in front of a police cruiser, […]

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What Winning Game Plan Do You Have in Mind to Avoid Drinking and Driving this Super Bowl LII Sunday?


Super Bowl LII Sunday is just a few days away and while you may be revved up to watch your favorite team win, we are here to remind you that you should have a game plan in mind on how you expect to avoid driving while drunk this weekend. Like many, you may be planning […]

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Norfolk Man Charged with DUI and Vehicular Homicide After Killing 1 and Sending 8 to the Hospital


Donald Giamonco, 24, from Norfolk, VA has been identified as the man who caused a fatal DUI accident leaving one dead and eight injured. It had only been a few days into the new year when Giamonco was driving on Macon Road east of Whitten Road around 2:50 a.m. when his pickup truck struck an […]

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Can an Illinois Officer Force a DUI Offender to Submit to a Blood or Urine Test After Causing an Accident?

While there are certain circumstances that permit an officer to forcibly take a blood or urine sample from a potential DUI offender, this can only be done under certain conditions.


When someone causes a drunk driving accident, the officer handling the case can generally obtain a blood or urine sample to test the blood-alcohol content […]

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How Does the Ohio Dram Shop Law Affect a Drunk Driving Accident Case?


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 10,497 deaths from alcohol-impaired crashes in 2016. That number doesn’t account for the total number of drunk driving accidents that have occurred. throughout the duration of the year. Many of the individuals who decide to get behind the wheel of their vehicle intoxicated do […]

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I Am Responsible for Causing a Drunk Driving Accident: What Should I Do?

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to many different encounters including drunk driving accidents. A drunk driver typically struggles with their abilities including their ability to see, to use their physical reflexes to prevent an accident, and the ability to process thoughts clearly so that a mistake isn’t made. The […]

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What Decisions Lead to Drunk Driving?

Drinking and driving are two separate acts that come together at one time. Most people who are arrested for DUI or engage in an accident usually don’t set out with the goal of driving while intoxicated, rather, they wind up getting themselves into this situation for various reasons. So why do people drive drunk? How […]

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You Are Risking Your Life When You Drive Drunk

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Austin take on DUI cases time and time again and see the misery individuals have to go through all because of a drunk driver. 

Our lives are priceless. They can’t be replaced and they can’t be repaired when life-long suffering is the picture. Unfortunately, when a driver gets behind the wheel […]

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Are Drunk Driving Charges Avoidable After Engaging in an Accident?

In every state, one thing you can count on being in full effect are the laws surrounding drunk driving. If a driver is caught under the influence and has a BAC of .08 or higher, chances are they are going to be arrested and eventually tried before a judge. This is the time when they […]

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