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Repeat Drunk Driver Who Caused Fatal Wrong-Way Crash in Illinois

Chicago, IL- Drunk drivers are responsible for nearly one-third of fatal crashes that occur in the U.S. every year. That’s a sad statistic and leads to tragedies like the one that occurred in Illinois over the weekend.

Fatal Wrong-Way Crash in Southern Illinois

An Illinois man is facing felony charges after causing a wrong-way crash in […]

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South Carolina Teen Responsible for Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

Abbeville County, SC- The Fourth of July is a deadly day on the roads in Alabama and all across the U.S. That is due in part to an uptick in travel but most fatal crashes on Independence Day are caused by drunken drivers of all ages. A recent crash in South Carolina is a tragic […]

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New Orleans, Louisiana Drunk Driving Accidents

New Orleans, LA- Drinking is part of the culture in New Orleans, and consequently, that means drunk driving accidents are inevitable. Drunk drivers harm and kill thousands of motorists each year in the U.S., leaving victims and their families to pick up the pieces. In this article, our team of drunk driving wreck attorneys in […]

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Off-duty New York Police Officer Charge for Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

The Bronx, NY- Drunk driving is dangerous; it’s a point that has been made over and over. And rightfully so since nearly a third of fatal accidents in the U.S. are caused by alcohol-impaired drivers, but many people don’t heed the dangers even when they should know better. That is the case of an off-duty […]

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Drunk Driving in Brooklyn, NY

Drunk driving accident lawyer in Brooklyn, New York discuss some facts about alcohol-impaired driving

Brooklyn, NY- There are thousands of drunk driving accidents in New York state every year. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a common problem across the U.S. with well over one million Americans arrested for those charges every year. In New York, there […]

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New York Bus Driver Accused of Drunk Driving

Brooklyn, NY- Drunk driving affects every motorist and unfortunately sometimes children are impacted by this egregious behavior. That is the case of a recent incident in New York involving a school bus driver who was recently arrested for DUI while on duty.

The incident occurred in late November in Lockport. WFLA, News Channel 8 reports that […]

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Bronx, NY Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving collision lawyer discusses the basics of recovering wrongful death compensation

Bronx, NY- Drunk driving kills thousands of people each year in the U.S., taking far too many lives unnecessarily. An impaired driving accident can wreak havoc on a person’s life especially if someone is killed. When an accident is fatal, surviving family members may […]

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Colorado Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving lawyer explains the basics of recovering compensation

Denver, CO- Traffic accidents are an unfortunate reality of modern life and are often unavoidable. However, some motorists knowingly put other motorists in danger by choosing to drive impaired. In Colorado in 2015, drunken or drugged drivers killed 425 people, according to statistics from the Colorado […]

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Drunk Driving Accidents in Manhattan

Manhattan, NY- Far too many motorists in Manhattan get behind the wheel when they are drunk or impaired by drugs. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there were over 8,000 drunk driving crashes in the state of New York in 2013. Over three hundred of those drunk driving accidents were fatal, and […]

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What Comes After My Los Angeles Drunk Driving Accident?

Los Angeles, CA- Drunk driving accidents take many lives in Los Angeles and leave too many people suffering painful and potentially debilitating injuries. A drunk driving accident can turn a victim’s life upside down. Their health, well-being, and financial future are at stake, so it is critical you have a qualified professional fighting for their rights.

If […]

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