Utah Lawmakers Struggle with New DUI Limits

Salt Lake City, UT-When lawmakers approved a bill to decrease the legal limit for DUIs, all the details hadn’t been worked out. Now, with the implementation of the law on the horizon, Utah legislators are trying to work out the details of the legislation which aims to reduce drunk driving accidents.

Lowering BAC Creates Headache for […]

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Three Die in Fiery Drunk Driving Crash in California

Orange County, CA- Despite the well-known dangers of drinking and driving, motorists make the bad decision to get behind the wheel while impaired. Drunken drivers don’t think about the risks they pose to other motorists until it’s too late and they kill someone or multiple people. A fiery collision on a California freeway is an […]

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Drunk Driver Who Killed Virginia Teen Appears in Court

Norfolk, VA- The box truck driver who is accused of causing a fatal drunk driving accident that killed a Virginia teen in May appeared in court last week for a preliminary hearing.

Drunk Box Truck Driver Appears in Court

Jerode Johnson appeared in court on Friday, October 6, for his initial hearing which included heart-wrenching testimony […]

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Fatal Drunk Driving and Road Crashes Trending Downward in Utah

Salt Lake City, UT- Drunk driving accidents touch thousands of lives every day and account for nearly a third of fatal crashes nationwide. In Utah, drunk driving and other reckless driving habits are responsible for hundreds of deaths annually. That’s a sad fact, but there is some good news: Traffic collisions in the Beehive State, […]

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Oklahoma Law Would Strengthen the Rights of Drunk Driving Accident Victims

Oklahoma City, OK- Drunk drivers cause about a third of fatal accidents in the U.S. They leave thousands of victims with fatal or devastating injuries. Drunk driving accident victims make one small group of the 15,000 Oklahomans victimized by a violent crime. Too many crime victims are unaware of their rights, but a law gaining […]

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Drunk Driving, Drugged Driving, or Drowsy Driving: Which Is Worse?

Lockport, NY – Did you know that drugged driving and drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving? These are the reasons why impaired driving in Lockport, New York puts everyone on the road at risk.

According to the National Safety Council, about 40,000 people died in car crashes in 2016. This marks a […]

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Illinois Man Killed in Drunk Driving Accident in Will County

Will, IL – The victim of a drunk driving accident in Will County, Illinois, died this week from injuries.

The Joliet Patch reports that Lucas M. Roth, age 27, will have to face serious criminal charges for a drunk driving accident that happened along Interstate 55. Additional charges have since been added in light of the […]

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Illinois Man Was Three Times Over the Legal Limit in Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

DuPage, IL – An Illinois man has been charged for driving three times over the legal alcohol limit in a fatal drunk driving accident.

According to the Daily Herald, Sean M. Tardy, age 40, will need the help of a drunk driving accident attorney in Illinois when he faces felony charges of aggravated DUI-third offense and […]

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Two Arrested in Drunk Driving Accident in Bowling Green

Bowling Green, KY – Two men have been arrested for a recent drunk driving accident in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

LEX18 reports that local police arrived at the scene of the drunk driving accident after being alerted about a vehicle that had run through a fence at about 2:35 p.m. on Alvaton Greenhill Road. Officers say the […]

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South Carolina Has Some of the Most Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents in the Nation

Columbia, SC – South Carolina has ranked as one of the states with the highest rate of fatal drunk driving accidents.

According to a study done by 24/7 Wall St., South Carolina is one of the deadliest states in the nation when it comes to deaths related to drunk driving accidents.

This is not the first time […]

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