What Decisions Lead to Drunk Driving?

Drinking and driving are two separate acts that come together at one time. Most people who are arrested for DUI or engage in an accident usually don’t set out with the goal of driving while intoxicated, rather, they wind up getting themselves into this situation for various reasons. So why do people drive drunk? How […]

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What are the consequences of causing a drunken driving accident?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transport, in 2015 alcohol-related crashes increased from 10,558 to 10,550 the previous year. The number of deaths increased to 345 from 333 alcohol-related deaths in 2014.


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What are the elements of a drunken driving vehicular homicide charge?

(Pinellas, FL) – January 31st, 2017 – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 2.6 million vehicle occupants were injured and over 32,000 people killed as the result of traffic accidents in a single recent year. More than 10,000 people died due to alcohol-impaired drivers. The economic cost of fatal accidents to the state of Florida in a single year totals over $3.5 billion.


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You Are Risking Your Life When You Drive Drunk

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Austin take on DUI cases time and time again and see the misery individuals have to go through all because of a drunk driver. 

Our lives are priceless. They can’t be replaced and they can’t be repaired when life-long suffering is the picture. Unfortunately, when a driver gets behind the wheel […]

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Are Drunk Driving Charges Avoidable After Engaging in an Accident?

In every state, one thing you can count on being in full effect are the laws surrounding drunk driving. If a driver is caught under the influence and has a BAC of .08 or higher, chances are they are going to be arrested and eventually tried before a judge. This is the time when they […]

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What is California Doing to Reduce the Number of Drunk Driving Accidents?

The best way for anyone to learn a lesson is from their own experiences along with that of others. When we hear horror stories or bad experiences, we tend to want to not get involved in similar situations to avoid going through the same trauma. So when you hear about a drunk driver who hit […]

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Underage Drinking: Is Peer Pressure to Blame?

Did you know that “teens represent the largest contingent of New Jersey drivers involved in crashes?” That fact was provided by nj.gov along with many others involving teens and their risk when getting behind the wheel. There are many things that run through a teens mind, especially those in high school who are bordering between […]

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What is that Alcoholic Beverage Really Doing to Your Body?

As you are probably aware, drunk drivers are responsible for taking the lives of thousands and thousands of Americans each and every year. Drunk driving accident lawyers in Parsippany, NJ have represented client after client and personally have a first-hand account experience with those whose lives have been negatively impacted by these drivers.

Although police and […]

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Will Drunk Driving Accidents Diminish with Self-Driving Cars?

It’s 2017 and self-driving cars will become more prevalent on the roadways soon enough. With some already spotted across the country, these innovative vehicles are going to become much more common once all the quirks are worked out. Google announced they would be letting some of their self-driving vehicles hit the road this year and […]

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Man from Austin Crashes Ferrari 458 Speciale; Hit with Drunk Driving Charges

Why would you drive drunk with such an expensive car! That is like trading five terrorists for one American traitor! Well, it was not a Lamborghini at least!


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