Norfolk Man Dies in Drunk Driving Accident That Injured Eight

Norfolk, VA- Drunk drivers are responsible for close to two dozen traffic deaths every day across the United States. They are dangerous for a host of reasons but mainly due to the fact that drunk drivers are often oblivious to their surrounds and lack the judgment needed to drive safely. Consequently, alcohol-impaired drivers are responsible […]

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Leon County Man Sentenced for DUI Crash that Killed Three FSU Students

Leon County, FL- A Leon County man was sentenced to sixty years in prison for an alcohol-impaired crash that killed three Florida State University Students in 2015.

Driver Sentenced for Deadly Drunk Driving Crash in Leon County

A judge sentenced Stanley Jaboin, 30, to sixty years in jail for killing three people in a DUI accident […]

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Off-Duty Boston Police Officer Accused of Injuring Two in Drunk Driving Accident

Boston, MA- People don’t make the best decisions when they’ve had too much to drink which is why drunken driving is a factor in nearly third fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. No one is immune to making bad decisions when they’ve been drinking, not even off-duty police […]

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Judge Sentences Drunk Driver Who Plowed in Crowd at New Orleans Parade to Five Years

New Orleans, LA- The man accused of drunkenly plowing into a crowd gathered for Endymion parade last Mardi Gras was given a five-year sentence during his sentencing hearing last week.

Drunk Driver Gets Five Years for Injuring Dozens at Mardi Gras Parade

On January 12, 2018, a judge sentenced Neilson Rizzuto to five years in jail […]

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Alcohol a Factor in Ohio Collision, Two Men in Critical Condition

Jackson County, OH-Head-on crashes, especially ones that happen on interstates, often have deadly outcomes. The ones that aren’t fatal can leave the parties involved with severe injuries. Two Ohio men are all too familiar with that reality after both suffered critical injuries in an alcohol-related head-on accident.

Alcohol Suspected in Ohio Head-On Crash

The Ohio State […]

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Pittsburgh Boy Okay After Being Ejected in Drunk Driving Crash

Pittsburgh, PA-Drunken drivers put motorists of all ages in danger even children. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in five child traffic fatalities are attributed to alcohol-impaired driving. In too many instances, the drunken driver who injures a child in a traffic accident also happens to be their parent. In a recent incident […]

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Woman Charged With Philadelphia Drunk Driving Crash That Killed Two

Philadelphia, PA-Nearly a third of fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. are caused by drunken drivers, and in some cases, fearing the repercussions of their actions, drunk drivers flee the scene of a crash. They leave without offering help to the people they harm. That’s the case of a Philadelphia woman who is facing criminal […]

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Can an Illinois Officer Force a DUI Offender to Submit to a Blood or Urine Test After Causing an Accident?

While there are certain circumstances that permit an officer to forcibly take a blood or urine sample from a potential DUI offender, this can only be done under certain conditions.


When someone causes a drunk driving accident, the officer handling the case can generally obtain a blood or urine sample to test the blood-alcohol content […]

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Cleveland Mother Faces Charges for Putting Child in Car with Drunken Driver

Cleveland, OH-Anyone can be a victim of a drunk driving accident including a young child. That stark and sad reality is exhibited by the case of a Cleveland woman who was charged with child endangerment after she put her young child in a car with a drunken driver who crashed into a tree and killed […]

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Survivor of Fatal DUI Crash in Pittsburgh to Go on Trial for Separate Drunk Driving Accident

Pittsburgh, PA- A Pittsburgh woman who was the sole survivor of a drunk driving crash in July 2017, is now accused of causing a separate DUI incident. The 21-year-old is accused of critically injuring a friend and will soon head to court to answer to multiple charges.

Survivor of Crash that Killed Three Friends Heads to Trial […]

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