A SC Teacher Charged with DUI Felony After Causing a Fatal Accident Involving Off-Duty Police Officer


A South Carolina teacher was recently arrested and is facing a charge of felony DUI after being involved in a fatal motorcycle accident that led to a police officer’s death. Whitney Danielle Brooks, 29, was driving in Summerville when she allegedly failed to yield for a left turn and collided into Officer Ryan MacCluen, 31, […]

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Easley Man Nearly Crashes into Police Cruiser and is Later Arrested for DUI


Driving while intoxicated is one infraction of the law but fleeing from police stirs up an entirely different issue. That is what Christopher Smith of Easley, SC is dealing with right now after he fled from police in his vehicle when they began pursuing him. Smith allegedly pulled out in front of a police cruiser, […]

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Colts Linebacker and One Other Killed by Drunk Driver After Stopping on I-70 in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN-As the NFL and millions of football fans were gearing up for the Super Bowl, which the Philadelphia Eagles clenched, one team, the Indiana Colts, was mourning the loss of one of their own. Just hours before the big game, the Indiana Colts learned that a drunk driver killed one of their reserve players, […]

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Georgia Police Take on Drunken Driving this Super Bowl Weekend

Roswell, GA-The Super Bowl is a highly anticipated event for millions of Americans. It’s such a popular annual event that some have suggested the Super Bowl be declared a national holiday. While the Super Bowl may not be a national holiday yet, there are some characteristics it shares with some of our other treasured holidays. […]

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What Winning Game Plan Do You Have in Mind to Avoid Drinking and Driving this Super Bowl LII Sunday?


Super Bowl LII Sunday is just a few days away and while you may be revved up to watch your favorite team win, we are here to remind you that you should have a game plan in mind on how you expect to avoid driving while drunk this weekend. Like many, you may be planning […]

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Norfolk Man Charged with DUI and Vehicular Homicide After Killing 1 and Sending 8 to the Hospital


Donald Giamonco, 24, from Norfolk, VA has been identified as the man who caused a fatal DUI accident leaving one dead and eight injured. It had only been a few days into the new year when Giamonco was driving on Macon Road east of Whitten Road around 2:50 a.m. when his pickup truck struck an […]

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Florida Mom Accused of Hit-and-Run with Four Kids in Car

Jefferson County, FL- Alcohol affects drinkers in many ways. Their senses dull, physical reactions slow, and an intoxicated person is often unable to make rational decisions. Surprisingly, there are many drunk drivers all too willing to put their lives, the lives of others or their child at risk by driving under the influence. A Florida […]

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Drunk Driver in Maserati Severely Injures Utah Woman

Weber County, UT- Driving is a complicated task, a fact that people tend to forget after having a few drinks. Sadly, drunk drivers don’t care that they are putting other drivers at risk and are just one mistake away from severely injuring or killing another person. One of the common errors is driving the wrong […]

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Marine Guilty of Southern California Drunk Driving Accident

Newport Beach, CA- A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty in connection with a fatal drunk driving accident in Southern California. Two college students died in the wreck, and three others were injured, resulting in criminal charges for the serviceman.

Young Marine Pleads Guilty to Gross Vehicular Manslaughter for 2015 DUI Accident

A young Marine who was accused of […]

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Drunk Driver Injures Three in Spokane Crash

Spokane, WA- More than 10,000 people are killed by drunken drivers every year in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s a lot of people losing their lives unnecessarily and even more people suffering avoidable injuries at the hands of impaired drivers. A Spokane couple is lucky to be alive after […]

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